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The Oak Creek Energy group works with clients and partners to develop in-depth strategic plans and risk management programs that ensure the greatest value is gained from every wind power project. Our team of experts guides partners, step-by-step, through the entire project development process, from greenfield exploration through construction and operation of the wind farm.

Oak Creek Energy and its service companies, offer comprehensive guidance and solutions, including wind resource assessment, land and permit acquisition, technical and financial analysis of wind energy projects, construction and operations management, and wind turbine maintenance and retrofit. We do this by optimizing wind turbine production capacity and extend operational life time with state of the art IP hard/software.

Wind Resource Management

Full wind resource assessment services including measurement campaigns, data management, layout design, production estimation and more.

Technical Analysis

Critical monitoring and diagnostics are essential to the availability and operational efficiency to any wind turbine project.

Financial Analysis

Focused on strategies to optimize performance leading to positive financial returns, as well as monitor risk management.


Our on-site team is fully equipped to perform all support and management services required for each unique project.

Optimizing Production

The optimization of wind turbines assets is our specialty maximizing availability and performance.


Oak Creek de Mexico is established and recognized as a top tier service provider in Mexico. Tres Mesas Wind Project, one of the largest sustainable energy projects in Mexico to date.<br />

DanWind Spareparts

Specializing in the supply of spare parts for the wind turbine industry. Technical guidance to your procurement including fast deliveries at competitive prices.

Full Management & Administration

Measuring the blade profiles, the tower movements and the blade-deflection during operation without stopping the wind turbines.


Evaluation, development, financing, construction and operation of wind energy projects.


Create value through co-development and financing of renewable energy projects.


Celebrating over 35 years corporate experience as the industry leader.


Proven to maximize project value and minimize risks.

Let’s make awesome energy, together.

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