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Oak Creek Energy began clean energy initiatives more than three decades ago, long before renewable energy was a catchphrase.

Led by industry pioneers, the Company was launched in 1982 – and was initially based in Tehachapi and Mojave, California.

Wind Energy Pioneers

Oak Creek Energy was the project site for some of the very first Danish wind turbines brought into the United States, such as Micon, Bonus, Vestas, and others. This formed the basis for the successful development of wind energy as a sound economic business model.

Though a small company at the time, we had big dreams of a brighter future: one that could be fueled by renewable energy.

Our energy veterans engineered a gigawatt-scale Alta Wind Energy Center, which utilized the largest renewable energy substation in the nation.

Backed by a 1,550 MW renewable energy power purchase agreement with Southern California Edison, the cutting-edge innovation positioned Oak Creek Energy as one of the original wind developers in the United States.

The Wind Farm Model, as it was called, is now used worldwide.

A True Force of Nature

With the success of the Alta Wind Energy Center project, Oak Creek Energy branched out into the Latin markets. The growth of the Tres Mesas Wind Farms in Tamaulipas, Mexico, received two awards in 2015, including:

  • Project of the Year by MIREC
  • Latin American Deal of the Year by IJ Global.

Energizing the World
with Full-Circle Energy

Oak Creek Energy is on a mission to light up the world with clean, renewable, and sustainable energy.

Over the last 35 years, Oak Creek Energy has been recognized for:

  • Pioneering Work in the Wind Industry
  • Contributing to the Evolution of Wind Energy Technology
  • Integrating Wind Turbines into Local Environments

Our end-to-end energy development services and long-standing expertise ensure Oak Creek Energy remains a wind industry leader.

Let’s make awesome energy, together.

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