Project Highlights Include

  • Completed the sale of the first five construction-ready stages of the Tres Mesas Wind Project, one of the largest sustainable energy projects in Mexico to date.
  • Originated the Gigawatt-scale Alta Wind Energy Center. Backed by a 1,550 MW renewable energy power purchase agreement with Southern California Edison, this development utilized probably the largest renewable energy transmission project in the United States.
  • Successfully developed the largest behind-the-meter wind project in the US, a 24-MW project located in Mojave, California.
  • Currently developing a pipeline of utility scale Wind and Solar Energy Projects in Mexico and Colombia.

Projects developed by OCE in the past 20 years.

Project Name Location Wind Turbine Model Megawatts MW Year
Eólica Mesa La Paz Mexico Vestas V136 306 In Operation
Eólica Tres Mesas IV Mexico Vestas V150 95.7 In Operation
Eólica Tres Mesas III Mexico Vestas V136 49.5 2019
Eólica Tres Mesas II Mexico Vestas V117 85.8 2017
Eólica Tres Mesas I Mexico Vestas V117 62.7 2017
Development & Sale of AIPC Project Rights/PPA Tehachapi Development Rights 1,685 2010
Development & Sale of AIPC Transmission Rights Tehachapi Transmission Rights 3,000 2010
Oak Creek Energy 2 C Tehachapi 1 NEG MICON NM 72 1.5 2002
Oak Creek Energy 2 B Tehachapi 1 NEG MICON NM 54 0.950 2000
Oak Creek Energy 2 A Tehachapi 2 NEG MICON NM 52 1.6 1999
Oak Creek Wind Power Tehachapi Micon 48 – 700 kW 23.1 1999
On Wind Energy Tehachapi Micon 44 – 600 kW 4.2 1997

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