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The Oak Creek Energy group works with clients and partners to develop in-depth strategic plans and risk management programs that ensure the greatest value is gained from every wind power project. Our team of experts guides partners, step-by-step, through the entire project development process, from greenfield exploration through construction and operation of the wind farm.

Oak Creek Energy and its service companies, offer comprehensive guidance and solutions, including wind resource assessment, land and permit acquisition, technical and financial analysis of wind energy projects, construction and operations management, and wind turbine maintenance and retrofit. We do this by optimizing wind turbine production capacity and extend operational life time with state of the art IP hard/software.

Wind Resource Management & Project Design

Oak Creek Energy offers full wind resource assessment services, including:

  • Project-specific measurement campaigns tailored to the local terrain and size of the project and with a focus on reducing uncertainty.
  • Management of meteorological tower and remote sensing installation and maintenance.
  • Wind data management and analysis
  • Turbine layout design and micrositing, focusing on cost of energy optimization
  • Energy production estimation
  • Management of related project design processes, such as preliminary engineering and hydrologic and geotechnical studies, is also offered to our clients.

Technical Analysis

Critical monitoring and diagnostics are essential to the availability and operational efficiency to any wind turbine project. Our team is equipped with technical infrastructure and component redundancy capable of disaster recovery, providing performance monitoring while mitigating risks to the operation.

  • Technical reporting provides key operating parameters
  • Operational Events & Trends review
  • Planning on maintenance activities
  • Performance monitoring
  • Resets
  • Technician dispatch notification

Financial Analysis

A core area of competency for OCES is the asset administration and management. As a substantial investment, renewable energy project investors and owners require a dedicated team of experienced active management professionals safeguarding ongoing profitability. This specialized service is not only focused on strategies to optimize performance but also oversight of operational contractual and risk management as well as positive financial returns.

  • Contract Management
  • 24/7 Operations Control Center
  • PPA management and load point reconciliation
  • Accounting, bookkeeping and records management
  • Administrative Services, including management of payables and receivables
  • Management of tax accounting
  • Legal and compliance management of all agreements covenants and obligations
  • Insurance Program
  • Regulatory & Environmental Compliance
  • Monthly performance reporting
  • Management and Administration of complex financing and lender relations
  • VAT / IVA compliance


Operations & Maintenance are managed with our experienced on-site personnel. Our team is fully equipped to perform all services required for each unique project, including the following areas of support and management.

  • Management of all aspects of safety and security performance
  • Site Representation & Management
  • Turbine service oversight, guidance and coordination
  • BOP Maintenance Program
  • BOP Maintenance Work
  • Rapid response tasks
  • Infrared scanning and diagnostics
  • Regulatory affairs and compliance management
  • Procurement and supply chain management
  • Land owner and community relationship management
  • Primary contact with governmental and regulatory bodies including coordination with Grid Operators
  • Capacity / Energy forecasting and scheduling
  • HSE compliance and guardianship

Optimizing Production

The optimization of wind turbines assets is our specialty. The focus of our production analysis is to optimize and maximize availability and performance within the project.

  • Inadequate response and slow troubleshooting are the two of the metrics which lead to increased accumulated downtime.  To improve, OCES ensures access to operators and performance engineers, with qualified skills who are properly trained, as the key to being able to quickly return the equipment to operation.
  • Performance improvement is driven by the proactive understanding and management of the drivers of availability.
  • State of the art reporting, data analysis and asset management plans
  • Management of generating and/or transmission asset issues
  • In-house Quality Assurance capability to ‘independently’ conduct fresh assessments and develop improvement plans

DanWind Spareparts

DanWind Spareparts specializes in the supply of spare parts for the wind turbine industry. The company offers a unique independent one-point access, with technical guidance to your procurement including fast deliveries at competitive prices. DanWind supplies spare parts and consumables for both older turbines as well as new generations of large-scale wind turbines. Main components can be sourced at competitive prices and are supplied either new or refurbished through an exchange solution, delivering direct to site.  Visit them today!

  • Spare Parts
  • Main Components & Gear Repair
  • Special tolls for Rent
  • Technical Support

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