NerWind develops and delivers state-of-the art hardware and software solutions for the optimization of 600 kW – 3MW wind turbines, not covered by vendor warranty.

NerWind delivers the qualified exclusive  ROMEG  measurement  services  for  your  wind  turbines.    

NerWind utilizes the ROMEG M 20G laser device for measuring of wind turbine rotors. The ROMEG measurement is a laser-based procedure for the verification of the dynamic and aerolastic behavior of the wind turbine.  ROMEG can detect aerodynamic and indicate mass imbalances. The ROMEG system has been tested and approved by DEWI-OCC.

NerWind Delivers

  • Increased annual energy production (AEP)
  • Reduction of operation and maintenance costs (O&M)
  • Extension of the turbine’s lifetime
  • 5-year supplier warranty on all aftermarket components
  • Easy access to electrical parts on the open market
  • Easy access to data from all turbines from a single interface

What NerWind can do for you?

  • We measure the blade profiles, the tower movements and the blade-deflection during operation without stopping the wind turbines.
  • We create a report with the performance results of the wind turbine.

Benefits of ROMEG:

The laser measurement is done while the turbine  is  in  operation.    This way, you can see the  behavior  of  the  rotor  and  tower  under  real  conditions. The results are available on site and  can  be  used  immediately  for  optimizing  the  pitch  angles.  By comparing the tower  vibrations  before  and  after  the  correction,  the  success  of  optimization  is  visible.

Small imbalances can be costly – NerWind can assist you:

  • To increase Annual Energy Production (AEP)
  • To reduce operation and maintenance costs (O&M)
  • To extend the life of the wind turbine

ROMEG Method

Laser measurements are used for scanning the blades at two points without interrupting the operation. Blade profiles and tower oscillations will be recorded in parallel.

ROMEG M20G is suited for measuring wind turbines up to a nacelle height of 200m from the ground without reflectors.

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