Oak Creek Energy

Oak Creek Energy


Oak Creek Energy is a wind energy pioneer, having developed its first wind farm in 1982 at the beginning of the US wind industry. Years later, the company was instrumental in advancing major transmission improvements to the Tehachapi Wind Resource Area in Kern County, California. These major transmission improvements have provided major benefits to the California power grid and have allowed the interconnection of new wind farms in the area. More recently, the company has led industry efforts to develop wind power in Northeast Mexico.


Oak Creek Energy benefits from a highly experienced management team. Many of the Oak Creek Energy's key personnel have between 10 and 30 years of experience developing, managing, financing, constructing, and operating wind farms in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Denmark, Spain, UK and Mexico. These projects encompass about 6,000 wind turbines representing over 3,000 MW of generating capacity.

Development Activities

Oak Creek Energy develops utility scale wind energy projects in North America. Among development projects originated by Oak Creek Energy is the Alta Wind Energy Center, which is a wind farm located on and around Oak Creek Energy’s original wind farm in Tehachapi Pass. The Alta Wind Energy Center currently encompasses the largest wind farm in California with 1,572 MW installed thus far, and benefits from 2,910 MW of transmission rights and a long-term PPA with Southern California Edison for 1,550MW.

In addition to above, a 660 MW multi-phase development site is progressing in Mexico with 148.5 MW currently in construction.